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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Baby's First Bathrobe

I couldn't wait to try out this next gift even though it's still a little big, pretty darn cute, huh?

I don't know why but I feel like she looks like a baby Hugh Hefner in this picture!

She didn't appreciate the Hefner comment..
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A Fluffy Mohawk

After her bath I am always amazed at her hair. She has this head full of fluff all over and then this massive mohawk. These pictures really don't do it justice but you can kind of get the idea. The fluff is flat by morning and the mohawk loses some of it's glory-too bad bc its a kicking 'do!

She looks like a prisspot in this picture to me!

Side view of the mohawk.

I steal kisses whenever I can!
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Happy Birthday Mama!

Chesley made it to Hallmark to get her Mama a card for her birthday, isn't that sweet?

Stealing some birthday kisses!

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The Point

Friday night we drove to Belzoni to meet my family at our hunting camp, the Point. It was my birthday weekend, but of course Chesley was the main attraction. We didn't take many pictures but we had a great time! The hunters had good hunts and I got some good loot for my birthday!

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Danielle and Kristin, (who I think is next on the baby train bc I dreamed Kristin had twins while I was pregnant- you never know!!)

Danielle and Karley- Chesley's future babysitters?

Gammy and Chesley- I think it was tough for her to share her granddaughter with everyone but she showed amazing restraint and didn't lock herself in her room with Chesley once the whole afternoon!

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Chesley, meet the Cox's!

Friday afternoon it was time for Chesley to meet the rest of Percy's family- or some of them anyway. Percy's mom is one of 6 so it could take years for her to meet them all!! But it was great to see everyone who was able to make it last Friday and for those who didn't- we will bring her back to town I promise!!

This is Christine, she helped raise Percy and Casey and calls Chesley her grandbaby too!

Honey and Chesley- this is Honey's 15th great-grandchild.

Percy's cousin Dottie and sister Casey.
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Pruet, meet Chesley.

We went to Jackson last Thursday night to let the rest of our families meet Chesley. Hillary and (her) Chesley came over with Pruet so the cousins could meet for the first time. We took a million pictures- it was so fun to finally have both of the babies here after (just under) 9 months of being pregnant together. It was really nice to have another first time preggo to call and obsess with about every little thing, and now its really good to have someone else who cares as much about exactly when my child has slept and for how long in the last 24hrs as I do! If we aren't in deep discussion about feeding and pooping then we are texting each other about how the little munchkins slept last night! Looking forward to many years of this as they grow up together! Now we are just waiting on Matt and Lindsay's baby boy to arrive in April to join the crew!!

I promise my child's neck is not broken in spite of how it may appear in almost ALL of these pictures! She was just completely sacked out!

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Pruet was so alert and full of smiles for Hillary, while Chesley was just sleepy.

This is Chesley and Chesley. My cousin Chesley is named after my grandfather as well- so I had to get a picture of the two Chesley's.

Me and precious Pruet. He really was such a champ- we passed him back and forth between all of us a thousand times and he stayed so happy!

Hillary and Chesley-who was still unconscious.

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Aunt Alex

Ok- I had to post these, even though the last two aren't that great, because the sight of Alex feeding my child is still quite surreal for me. I was 12 when she was born and fed her many a bottle over the years and now she is 15 and feeding my baby- she WAS the baby until Chesley came along. She's a great aunt and loves holding Chesley whenever she can get her hands on her- which is just fine with Mama and baby!!

New Pics

These are just a couple of new pics for those of you who have been asking for some!

This is Chesley wearing the 'sack' (i don't know what to call it??) that Jennie gave her. It's incredibly soft and really warm and came in handy at the Point this past weekend when it was freezing!

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Chesley & Mac

Haaga and Mac came up to visit yesterday- thanks to Kate Scott for watching a newborn and two 2-year olds so that Haaga could make the trip! Mac and Chesley had a little photo session and the best picture is on Haaga's camera which I will post as soon as she has a chance to email it to me.

Chesley literally came out sucking her hand, (my doctor called her a knuckle sucker while we were still in the O.R.), and she had her hand in her mouth for the 4D ultrasound as well---but she has now found her ladylike.
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