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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Phone Call

She marched into our bathroom and said, "Scuse me mama, I need to tawk on da phone," and she propped her arm up on the counter, crossed one leg over the other and started mumbling a string of, "Mm-mh, uh-uh, yeah, no." Percy watched in amazement and then looked at me and said, "Wonder where she learned that?"

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Chocolate Lover

Percy absolutely detests chocolate. I know, I'm pretty sure this makes him a communist as well. But I have debated about whether to try and teach Chesley to hate it too, bc come on wouldn't that come in handy? Or to not let her cross over to the dark side of non-chocolate loving with her father and keep her in the light with me. Well, I didn't really do anything to try and persuade her, genetics won out--my genetics! She may look like Daddy, but she talks like mama and likes chocolate like mama!

We were baking brownies for the baby, you know--the one in my tummy that makes me eat chocolate.

She's a fan.

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