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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day! We didn't do much here, ordered in alot, ran a few errands, and Daddy escaped when the sun was shining for a little golf-but other than that we mostly just stayed home. I caught Chesley's cold (which I hear will stop around the time she leaves for college), so I was happy to lay low. Our one big endeavor for the weekend was to put together the ExerSaucer my Aunt P and Uncle Randy gave Chesley. It took what seemed like forever and both of our college educations to put the thing together, (and two pieces have already fallen off but since we have absolutely no idea what they could possibly be used for we aren't sweating it- but just out of curiousity does anyone out there know what to two blue pieces are for that snap precariously on to the underside of the big blue round main piece? Just wondering,) and she LOVES it! I have to pad her in there with two big blankets because she doesn't quite fit, and even with then she still looks like she is constantly treading water!-but it works in the safety department and in the full-o-fun department it's a hit! Here are a few pictures to document the adoration Chesley has for her new toy- thanks Aunt P and Uncle Randy!!

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Weeza Love

Percy was holding Chesley and letting her pet Weeza and she was giggling like crazy- thought it was the funniest thing she had ever done in all her 4 1/2 months! So I grabbed the camera to document our laughing girl and sweet Weeza who endured it with grace and patience- she happens to think Chesley is delicious and is licking her face every time I turn my back so the fact that she stood so still and let Chesley pull and tug to her hearts content without a single lick was pretty amazing-sweet puppy.

Chesley, "Ooh you're so soft Weeza!" Weeza, "Seriously, this is what I have to look forward to?"

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Monday, May 18, 2009

A Week of Firsts

This has been one heck of a week of firsts. First cold, first battle with the bulb syringe, first medicine, first battle with the medicine, first diaper leak (not my favorite), and first time to not quite be done using a diaper before mama took it off, (not the first time for this but the first time she did it twice in one day!) Chesley was snuffling like a little piglet Friday morning and had a tiny little heartbreaking cough so we were at the pediatrician by 9:15 am-I am a first time mama after all, waiting a day to call the doctor was not an option. She has what the doctor described as an itty, bitty, tenny, tiny, little, baby, cold. Call it what you want-my baby is sick and I don't care how small it is! Anyway, she is fine-no fever and acting just like her precious self but there is a bit of congestion, hence the need for the bulb syringe. She was ok with it the first day or two-it brought tears to her eyes but she didn't fuss- then she realized she didn't so much just have to lay still and take this abuse from her mother and that's when she began to fight back- it is a nightmare. No mother should ever have to wrestle with her 4 month old or put her in a headlock to do anything and yet I do. But she is getting better so after our first ever diaper leak- (and man let me tell you this was no trivial thing, her playmat is in the wash along with the second outfit of the day and the changing pad cover and the little pad that lays on top of it so that you might not have to wash the actual cover too often-she took out all three on three seperate occasions today), I decided to take some pics of my girl in her birthday suit-nothing like a necked baby!

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Chesley & Weeza's Photo Op

We were trying to kill a little time before it was naptime so I broke out the camera for a little photo shoot. Chesley is obsessed with Weeza, Weeza thinks Chesley tastes divine- so I broke the rules and after laying down a blanket on the couch I invited the Weeze up for a photo op. She was so confused about being allowed on the furniture that she didn't perform well for the camera. Chesley only had eyes for Weeza so the session was short lived-but nobody licked anybody on the mouth so that's something!

We moved to the crib for some more pictures (Chesley and I, not Weeza) and I got a couple good ones of my girl- too bad I had the flash off so they're kinda dark!

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Pruet's Baptism

My cousin's little boy Pruet was baptised this past Sunday and we all went back over to my Aunt's for brunch. It was a blast and Pruet stole the show at church! Chesley's newest cousin William was there too so this was the first time all three of the cousins were together so of course a photo shoot ensued. It was literally like a paparazzi fest with four cameras going, three grandmothers cooing, a couple of dads observing and a lot of noise (did I mention all the grandmama's cooing?) I am posting all of the pictures that I took even though a few of them don't have full bodies in them so you can get the full picture of how crazy this was trying to get a 5 month old ALL boy, 4 month old dress eater, and 6 week old sweetie pie to smile and stay upright without crushing one another all on one couch. It was adorable chaos!
Congrats Pruet and thanks for inviting us!!

Me and Chesley, Hillary and Pruet, Lindsey and William

And it begins...

Pruet does not stay still for very long-ever.
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My child won't look at me, Pruet was full of smiles for everyone, and William only had eyes for his mama!

Oh, Lindsey just wait till William starts eating his clothes too-but how sweet does he look right now!!

The beginning of Pruet deciding he didn't really want to stay still in the middle anymore.
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Just one of the many Pruet/Chesley collisions-note Chesley's cheek-she was totally unphased by this by the way.

Pruet had to be taken off the couch momentarily to have his gown dislodged from his mouth and get him turned right side up again!

This is where I was diving towards the couch to catch one baby or another I'm sure.

So sweet- when William is a little older and they won't smoosh him maybe he can join in the squished together pics too! This picture was another action shot of Pruet rolling into Chesley and she seemed pretty ok with it-glad i caught it on camera!
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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Four Months!

Chesley had her four month check up on Tuesday and she is doing great! She is becoming more and more full of personality every day and learning all kinds of new tricks to keep her mama busy. She has been rolling over both ways for a couple of weeks now, so no more leaving her on the changing table anymore! She can officially break out of every swaddler I have, so after several mornings of finding it down around her waist with her arms flailing freely we have retired the swaddler...sad sad day. But! she will still stay in it for naps so we are still getting some good hour and a half long naps in and the footie pjs I got for her to sleep in at night are pretty cute so I guess I can handle a world without the swaddler in it...I also now get kisses from my girl- I'll have to get Percy to take a picture of it but she kinda resembles a baby bird being fed as she grips the side of my fae or neck or just my hair and proceeds to try and suck my face off- she is going to leave a mark one of these days. But it is just so sweet that I can't resist- we will work on getting her to close her mouth later. Thats all the Chesley update I can think of for now, enjoy the pictures!
weight: 13lbs-40%
length: 24.5in-50%
head circ.: 15.98-14%

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We are so over four months!

Love this picture.

My happy happy girl!

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Just training my little bookworm, she may not look like mine but she loves a good book like her mama!

Have I mentioned her Daddy is wrapped around her tiny little finger?
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