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Monday, October 27, 2008

MSU Homecoming

It was Homecoming this past weekend and the Bulldogs won- Yay!! But the biggest hit of the day was Causey Jones in her premier appearance at our tailgate. Harper brought Causey for her first football game and she was the star of the tailgate. She has a couple of new party tricks that she shared with us that I didn't get a picture of but... if we all scream, "TOUCHDOWN!" she sticks both her arms in the air and then yells, 'Yay! Go dogs!' or something that sounds like that- but she always gets the Yay in. Her other trick is totally her- I was over at Harper's last week and I was sitting in a charir, Causey was standing in front of me and was checking out my big belly- Harper said, "You looking at Biz's baby in there? Kiss the baby," and she turned and kissed my belly. We were both so surprised that we went on and on and she did it again and again and now she's got it down pat. Another thing she has done for a long time is 'love' something- Harper says, "love Biz," and she lays her head on you and says, "Awwwww," to you. So we had her 'love the baby,' a couple of times and we did get a picture of that. She was so good and only ate 8 or 9 sugar cookies that we all kept sneaking her when Mama wasn't looking. We had so much fun that we decided we want to keep her, so we voted to adopt her as our tailgate mascot.

Not the greatest picture but this is Causey 'loving the baby'-- and that may be a bribe cookie in her hand-- I have no shame when it comes to other peoples children.

Note to self: Move away from the sun before taking pictures...

30 Weeks


This one is from today.
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28 Weeks

Sorry this one is a little belated...

Baby James & Baby Quinn

This is Hillary and me at her baby shower last Friday night. It was a blast and I tried an O'Douls for the first time, (that is the beer bottle we are both holding). I loved it and was telling people at the tailgate the next day how good it was and that it tasted like a real beer and so on and Percy had to burst my bubble by announcing that he had tasted it too and it was not good and didn't not taste nearly as real beer-like as I thought it did. I informed him that after 7 1/2 months of no beer-it tasted great and if he wanted to try it again after that long without one he could critique the flavor then. He opted not to try that.
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Population Explosion

Most of you already know that my cousin, Chesley, and his wife, Hillary, are expecting their first child in early December. Chesley and I graduated together and Hillary and I have been friends since high school, (they started dated as children like Percy and I- in fact a month earlier than us), so we have all been so excited that our kids will have the same experience of having a cousin the same age growing up. Plus, it has been a blast to go through first time pregnancy with Hillary- we could both talk to a wall for an hour so we have no trouble comparing symptoms and exchanging info we've heard on the phone all the time.

Chesley is my cousin on my mom's side, another cousin on my dad's side, Patrick and his wife, Alicia, are due with their first on December 26th. They live in San Diego so I have only gotten to see them once since we all found out but that should make for interesting holidays too with 2 that close in age as well! Then, to round things out another cousin on my mom's side, Matt (Chesley's older brother), and his wife Lindsay told us they are expecting their first on April 3rd. So that will be 3 on the Pruet side of the family that will be in the same age group/grade! Christmas will never be the same. So the Calhoon/Pruet families are doing their best to keep the population growing!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

All the Pics

A couple of people asked if we only got 4 pictures from the sonogram today and if there were more could I post those too. We got a ton of the black and white pictures printed out and the sonographer saved 16 of the 4D to a CD. I picked the 4 i thought were the clearest to post but if anyone wants to see more here are all of the 4D as a collage.
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4D Sonogram

We had a 4D sonogram today-it was pretty cool. My mom and Percy's mom were able to come up for it. We went to lunch before and since I have no shame I dragged them to Cotton Tails (a baby store here in Memphis) to see what they might purchase while there- I got some nice loot out of the deal. The ultrasound tech said PercyBeth's face was pressed right up against the uterine wall (sorry if that's a little graphic for some of you!) so that's why we got lots of smooshed nose pics. The baby wasn't 100% cooperative with the positioning but we got some great pictures. I think the baby looks like Percy but I'll let you draw your own conclusions. Enjoy!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Prego...or Clepto?

This past weekend I went to Jackson to take home the last of the furniture from the guest bedroom so we could make it the nursery. Percy went to hunting camp, (well, he was originally going to go to Jackson with me but then my dad called and started negotiations and by the time I got off the phone with Big Rick the amount of time I would be seeing my husband that weekend had been reduced to about 3 hours on Saturday afternoon- he would be spending the remaining time at hunting camp with my dad-- glad we got the custody arrangements worked out to Dad's satisfaction...) Anyway, before Percy got there I ran by Pop Fizz to pick up a gift. Percy called to say he was exiting the interstate right as I was about to walk out the door so our timing was perfect. I was supposed to meet him at Playpen but pregnancy brain struck me and I went the wrong way on the frontage road bc I was thinking I was on Northside not Old Canton. So I called Percy to tell him I had to loop at Briarwood bc I was stupid and I would be right there. Then my phone rings and its a number I don't know. I answer and hear this, "Um, Mrs. Quinn? This is so-and-so from Pop Fizz and we were wondering if you just walked out of here with a bag of clothes?" I look in the passenger seat and sure enough, a bag of clothes that I DID NOT PURCHASE! I had gotten a gift certificate and stuck it in my purse then stood chatting with my 4th grade teacher who works there for a bit before grabbing a bag of someone else's clothes (a lady who was being checked out as I chatted and didn't notice me STEAL FROM HER!) I told them I was so sorry I would be right back blah blah blah- I am mortified. I get there and the lady is waiting at the checkout desk, I hand her the clothes and tell her and the ladies who work in the store, "I sure am glad I can blame this on pregnancy brain, or else I might be really embarrassed!" Which of course I was, I am- absolutely mortified. I almost didn't tell my husband bc he already thinks I'm crazy but it was just too much to not share- hope you got a good chuckle out of it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

28 Week Appt.

I went to the doctor yesterday for my monthly check-up and Baby Quinn is doing great. Heart rate was 144, which all the heart rate readings have been in the 140's except one which was 154- what is the wives tale about gender? 150's is a girl, 130's is a boy? So my child is telling us nothing? Let me know if anyone can remember how that one goes.
This was the first appointment that I have gone to without Percy, and he was the one really worried about it, asking if I need him there for the glucola (sp?) test. For anyone who doesn't know, this is the test for gestational diabetes and is a standard screening everyone has around 28-30 weeks. It involves drinking this nasty, sickly, sweet, sugar water concoction then trying not to throw it up in the waiting room while people stare at you, then you wait an hour and get blood drawn and they give you the results in less thank 5 min.
My friend Gracie informed me I would have to sit there an hour to wait to have my blood drawn (thanks for the heads up Gracie!), so I took a book to pass the time. Mistake #1 I took a book that I had been told was funny but my mistake was in not comprehending how freakin' hilarious the book was- "The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy". My mother in law gave it to me for mother's day (thanks DT!) and told me I wasn't supposed to read it till later on in my pregnancy- I still haven't figured out why- but I can tell you why you shouldn't read it in public. I sit down and start reading and the nurse brings me my oh so refreshing hummingbird solution (i don't know for sure that this is what it tastes like but imagine the most cloyingly sweet syrup ever) and I take a swig and almost gag. Let me also mention here that my dear friend Haaga told me, "You might not like it as much as I did but I loved the taste of it!" Haaga is apparently a very poor judge of flavor- bc this stuff is awful! I decide to go for the 'toss it back asap' approach but literally cannot drink more than a couple of mouthfuls in a row quickly. So then I go back to reading and try and casually drink the nastiness as if it was one of my cherished Diet Cokes- this is kinda working until the book makes me laugh and I almost spew all over the lady across from me. So I finally get close enough to the bottom of the bottle to just open my throat and pour it down (no clue where i learned that trick) and shiver with revulsion as I try and stifle a belch before returning to my book. Well, I got called back soon thereafter so everyone around me was spared the ensuing burps that came once I was alone in the exam room. Then- back to the book. I have some real time to read now and I get a little ways into it and laugh freely since I am alone and not in public and not drinking sugar water with a twist of lime anymore.

Mistake #2 I just shouldn't let myself get going at all because I can really get sucked into a laughing fit and not return for hours (just ask Percy- he banned me from watching America's Funniest Home Videos in bed bc i laugh so hard I wake him up). I got so tickled by this book that before I have time to think about it I am also crying with big fat tears running down my face and no chance of being able to rein myself in. Then my doctor walks in, of course my doctor walks in!- what you need to know about Dr. Pickens is that he is a bigger smart aleck than myself and he has recognized this fact and he enjoys picking at me about things I don't know enough about to be able to get back at him. I should hate this man but for some reason I get a kick out of him- and I just know he is going to get a kick out of me crying from laughter on the exam table, alone. He stopped halfway into the room and said, "Either you replaced the husband with something far more entertaining or your reading one of those chick lit books that has your pregnancy hormones in over drive. Tell me its the first one." I told him I was in fact laughing hard enough to cry, not crying bc of something sweet and he said, "Did you do this in the waiting room? Bc we have enough crazy out there with all the pregnant mamas. I don't need you adding your 2 cents to the mix. And where is your husband? He never lets you act like this." I finally gain enough control to wipe my eyes and breathe deeply and answer his questions but I never really got to explain bc he had moved on with the appointment. BUT- I passed my diabetes test with flying colors and learned a valuable lesson about taking that book in public-- but I highly recommend it for at home reading bc it really is hilarious.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

MSU v. Vandy

We went to Starkville this weekend and got to see the Bulldogs win- yea! We also got to go eat at Anthony's in West Point. This has become an annual event but in college, Freshman year especially, it was a monthly or weekly event. Great food and lots of fun, and for some reason we ALWAYS feel the need to go as a party of no less than 16 and then insist on taking a group picture of all the girls. Can't wait till I can brown bag again with them!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

27 weeks

I'm kinda mad at myself bc I never took any belly pics when I first started showing so I won't have any to compare in later pregnancies like I have seen some people do. But I figured better late than never. Plus I have some people who haven't seen me pregnant and showing (Haaga, Brynnen, Katie) bc they either don't go to the State home games, don't ever go to Jackson, or currently live on another continent. So I made Percy take some earlier this week- he thought that was just hilarious. He kept taking them while i was in the process of trying to fix my shirt etc so it took a ridiculously long time to get one that I deemed decent. But here it is...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

PercyBeth Quinn aka Baby Quinn

Percy and I have been married for 4 1/2 years now and live in Memphis, Tennessee. We are both originally from Jackson (me) and Madison (him), Mississippi. We both went to Mississippi State- go dogs! (It's a sad time but I'll always claim 'em!) We have an englsih springer spaniel named Weeza (yes, like in 'Steel Magnolias'). She is a little over a year and a half old and of course spoiled rotten. Not real sure how she is going to handle being ousted from her position as #1 in the Quinn family but around January 3rd we will find out because I am almost 27weeks pregnant with our first child. If you ask some of our friends and family they will tell you we are torturing them (Brynnen, Amy...) by choosing not to find out what we are having, but I have 2 younger sisters Katie (25) and Alex (15) and I was 12 when Alex was born and I remember how much fun Katie and I had not knowing! Percy was on board with the idea too so it was a no brainer for us.

I have always said I would do a blog when we had kids but I have been slow to start one while I have been pregnant and everyone has been harassing me to do it so here where are! Also, with us living 3 hours from all the grandparents and aunts-to-be we figured this was a good way to keep everyone up do date. Especially my sister Katie since she has a tendancy wander off to Europe, Eastern Africa, Thailand- and thats just in the last 6 months. Trying to talk to her on the phone right now while she is in Thailand is very hard as they are 11 hours ahead. So Katie- quit bad mouthing me to Dad- I try to call you back but you don't answer and don't have voicemail! Love you!

Please bear with me as I try and figure out what I am doing on this thing over the next few weeks and don't get mad if I never reply to comments- I am incredibly bad at checking my email so here's hoping I'll be better at this but who knows...
P.S. As for how the baby came to be known as PercyBeth- When Harper Jones was pregnant with Causey and wasn't telling us her name Amy Eddleman somehow (who can really follow the thought processes of Amy) came up with the name Opal for Harper's baby. So Causey was Opal until a day or two after she was born when we were all finally able to stop calling her that and call her by her REAL name. So when we were in Perdido this past May for our girls beach trip I told everyone to try and think of a good psuedonym for my baby. But nobody could think up a good gender neutral one until Kelli McGuffee and I rode the elevator with this cute little girl and her mom. Kelli asked her name and her mom said Jesslyn. When they got off we decided that her daddy must be Jess and mama was Lyn so they said, "We combined DNA to make her, we'll just combine our names to name her!" I asked Kelli if that meant I should name my child PercyBeth and she said, "Nope, but I know what we are calling that baby until it's born!"
Ok- I checked, it worked so I am officially blogging (but I would like to point out just how much I hate the use of that word as a verb...) I love looking at blogs and have every since Mary Katherine started hers. There have been many lost nights that I will never get back because i fell down the rabbit hole like Liz in Blogland and 3 hours go by before I realize that I am obsessed with people I DO NOT KNOW just because I stumbled onto their blog during my journey. But I do love to find blogs of my friends that I didn't know had them and when I do I go back and read everything from the very beginning- like Lyn and Breck Hines and Lindsay and Dodds Dehmer- no clue they had a blog even though my mother talks to Jean, (Breck and Lindsay's mom), every day of her life on the phone, most days twice, unless they play golf together in which case they may only call each other once that morning to confirm-- anyway...When I find people I love to go back to beginning of their blog and it's so nice when they have set it up and explained when and why they started their blog. So my set up will come as soon as I can figure out how to post pics- Mary Katherine taught me but we will see if I am a good student or not...

First Post

Hope this works! This is my first attempt to blog and I only kinda sorta know what I am doing. All of you who have been harassing me to get one can thank the queen of blogging- Mary Katherine Segrest for getting me set up and tutoring me in the basics- any and all screw ups from here on out are mine! Thanks again Mary Katherine!!