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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Why Mary Katherine Should Go Pro

I asked Mary Katherine Segrest to take some pictures of Chesley for our Christmas card this year. The pictures she takes of her boys are always incredible so I thought I would con her into using her talents, and her big fancy camera, on my child as well. We met at the Craft Center on the Natchez Trace and she did awesome. Chesley was in a pretty good mood that day, so a cooperative child does help but WOW. She gave me three discs of just the good ones! I asked her to mess with them and put them in different finishes and such and I had the hardest time choosing. Luckily I found a Christmas card option on that allowed you to use 9 pictures, I have no idea what I would have done if I had to pick just 2 or 3! Click on the collages to see more. And sadly, no Mary Katherine does not do this professionally but I harass her about how she needs to all of the time so feel free to join in and maybe by next Christmas we can have her set up in a studio! Thanks again Mary Katherine!!

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A Shampoo for Daddy

In spite of the fact that Daddy doesn't really have much hair, Chesley decided he needed his hair washed-if he was going to shampoo her hair, then she was going to shampoo his. She also is not shy about telling him when it's time to shave. She will rub her cheek against his and say, "Dada, you got bugs on your face!"

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Chesley is...

Going to be a great Big Sister!!
We found out we are expectiong Baby Quinn #2! I am due July 18-ish, and we are not finding out what we are having, again. Please vote on the poll on the side to tell us what you think #2 will be! I went to Monogram Magic and threw myself on the mercy of the owner and begged her to monogram a shirt for Chesley to wear that day so I could use it to tell Percy that night. She came through and got it done in time, so this is what Daddy came home to that night. It took him a second but I think he knew what was up a soon as I started telling him to read the shirt, he was holding Chesley at that moment so it was a tad difficult to do but he figured it out. We used the same shirt to tell our parents and sisters, and everyone is very excited!

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Pumpkin Patch Playgroup

Our playgroup went to a pumpkin patch out on 49 for a hayride, playtime on the hay bale maze & corn box, and to pick out a pumpkin to take home from their patch. The corn box is just like a sand box but with corn. I thought it was a great idea bc I would much rather my child eat corn than sand. Anyway, they loved all of it! It turned out to be a really, really, hot day and most of us first time mama's had of course, clothed our children for photo purposes instead of the weather. In our defense, it was during that period of time when the mornings are really cool and then it heats up by lunch-- well it heated up, and so did our kids! But we all survived and came away with a pumpkin to call our own and some great pictures!

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Little cousin love at the pumpkin patch.

Nothing like a total takedown by your cuz.

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He looks like he might be up to something, right?


Pondering the cows.

Still pondering.

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None of these child group pictures are going to win any prizes but they cracked me up, you can imagine the chaos that was created by trying to pose a bunch of toddlers on multi-leveled hay bales and encourage them to stay still and not squash the smaller ones...

Cash was smart and stayed out of that mess!

I'm not sure Caitlyn ever moved, she just observed.

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Hmm, what's this stuff? I should probably put it in my mouth to find out.

Origin undertermined, but it's really hard to chew.

Hayes helping her sweet sister.

Can she smile on cue for the camera or what?

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I'm not sure if she was petting him, or telling him to come on up!

Just chillin'

Maybe between the two of these group pictures everyone's child is facing forward in at least one!

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Madison, Hayes, and Simmons (and Baby #4! on the way)

Leslie and Frances

Wendy and Bailey

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Katherine and Caitlyn

Stella Cate and Mollie Walker

Avery, Kristin, and Cash

Hillary and Pruet

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Herrin and Tatum

William and Lindsey, (and baby boy #2)

And the race is on...

Hillary picked one up for Baby Perry who was only like ten days old, a little young for the pumpkin patch.

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