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Monday, April 26, 2010

Strange Little Human

So, Chesley's had corn cut off the cob before. But we decided to tackle it on the cob tonight. Yes, she went straight from the high chair to the bathtub. It was a hit...

I took a bite and then held it for her to take a bite, which she did but then she wanted to hold it. I think that might have been my mistake...

Looks like she's getting the hang of it!

Or not.
This makes me think she's doing the dance of some tribe of corn worshiping people, yeah sometimes I'm weird-guess we know where she gets it from. But seriously hot buttered corn on the cob must feel good to your scalp, couldn't say so myself never having tried it-but she rubbed it all over her head and neck and shoulders. Odd-but she ate over half of it, whatever works!
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Who doesn't like buttered corn on their neck?

And on your arms.

I think she likes it.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ever since Easter when Chesley got to ride a horse with her daddy we have had a little problem. She tries to ride the dog day and night! She thinks poor Weeza is her personal mini-me size horse and should be ridden around the den. If Weeza is still and comfy, here comes Chesley--ready to ride!! Thank you Weeze for not bucking her off too much!

First Snow Cone

Hillary and I took Chesley and Pruet for snow cones last Saturday. They were less than impressed. I don't know if it was Pruet's first snow cone but it was Chesley's and she could have cared less. I guess they didn't like them because they were so cold, but oh well-more for the mama's! Pruet tried enough of Hillary's to spill it on himself and her white shorts-oops. So, if you see us at Nandy's Candy's saying we are getting snow cones for the kiddos--don't believe us, they're not for the kids!

Can you tell by those cheeks it was a good day for snow cones??

Of course, we had them show a little love for the camera.

Eagerly awaiting their snow cones...yeah right.

They tried them, they hated them, they wanted to play with a wallet.
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Turn Around, Turn Around

Ok, so excuse the redneck baby only wearing a diaper-but my mom taught Chesley this thing where she says, "Turn aournd, turn around," over and over and Chesley turns in a circle over and over again until she is dizzy and can't really walk. She thinks it's great fun-we think it's hilarious!

Brussel sprout, anyone?

It never ceases to amaze me what I can trick my child into...for a little while anyway. She loved the brussel sprouts for dinner but thought I was crazy when I tried reheating them for lunch!
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Lunch with the Boys

Lunch with Chesley's cousins Pruet and William

They look cute...

and they smile sweet...

but something tells me...

that we will one day find it's all just an act.
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Mamas and Kitty Cats and Cake!

We had playgroup at Leslie Hollingsworth's last time. It was a gorgeous day and she had us set up on blankets outside in her beautiful backyard. As you can see from the first picture, we kind of separated into two groups-- breakable babies, and the children who can break them. So I didn't get any pictures of our hostess Miss Frances or any of the other not-yet-terrorizing-their-mamas-with-their-mobility cuties. But we all had a blast and had chocolate cake to celebrate Tatum's 29th-Happy Birthday Taterbug! (I'm not a total dork-it's her childhood nick name from her fam) hope it was a good one!

Is this an Earth Mama or what?? Hillary is pregnant with her second, (her first is of course Mr. Pruet-the one with the very manly pink and purple sippy cup my daughter loaned him), so she is actually holding four kiddos in this picture. I've already emailed it to her husband and asked how many kids he is actually prepared for-bc this Mama looks ready for a flock!

Davis, just chillin on the swing. Chesley trying to make a face first exit from the swing. This was right before Davis told me he is stronger than his daddy and made me feel his biceps--watch out Brandon!

They were thinking about hugging, but then they changed their minds.

Playgroup got a new visitor...
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William was not afraid. He was the first one to head over to this cat and start petting it. How cute is this child with his curls and his New Balances??

Oh man, her daddy is gonna kill me when he sees these pictures! He's not a cat guy...

I think the cat is starting to get an idea of what's in store if he doesn't hit the road!

Please note that in spite of William's grip on the cat's tail in this picture, it was actually already bent at an unnatural angel in the previous picture-not William induced.
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'Orses! on Easter

Chesley is obsessed with horses, or as she calls them-- 'ORSES! and I capitalize that because she always yells it. And everything is a 'ORSE! After lunch on Easter, Chesley got to ride some one of her beloved 'ORSES. Gammy saddled one up and her Daddy took her for a ride around the pasture, and mama took too many pictures so forgive me. This was by no means her first time on a horse- this was just a time when I was there with my camera and she was riding with her daddy-hence the too many pictures.

Aunt Casey took a tired-of-being-pent-up-Chesley outside to look at the horses after lunch.

Gammy was getting things ready for the afternoon ride, so Pops and Ranch the wonder dog were babysitting on the gator-another favorite of my child's, the John Deere Gator.

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'Oh, Gammy-quit teasing me and put me on there!'

Does she look please with herself or what?

Going for the reins, 15months old and I'm pretty sure Gammy's already trying to teach her how to ride!
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This is a picture of my child in absolute Heaven. On a horse, with her Daddy-doesn't get any better as far as she is concerned.

Happy happy girl, loving the saddle? I'm guessing she was trying to love the horse.

So sweet with her Daddy.
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I had to take a picture of my husband-a true horseman, riding a horse in Sperry deck shoes. Pops maybe proud since he's a boat man, but I never thought I would see the day! And I'm sure the rest of Percy's family will be glad I have photographic evidence of this as well--he would only do it for his baby girl.

Loving the horse.

Giving Gammy some love!

A ride on the gator is almost as good as one on a horse!
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Maybe she's like Michael Jordan and the tongue hanging out makes her better...

it definitely makes the pictures funnier!

Ok, child, put the tongue back in your mouth.

Much better!
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