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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kim and Gina

Kim and Gina were our next door neighbors when we first got married and moved into our first house in Memphis. I didn't have any friends yet in town and we got along great right away. I can't imagine our lives in Memphis without them in it and we will miss them dearly, especially at Christmas. Percy holds them responsible for my Griswold tendancies at Christmas. Our first Christmas after we got married I decided to try and start decorating the house while Percy was out of town hunting but I really had no clue what I was doing. Kim and Gina's house was already all done up in minor-Griswold style and they became my competition and my teachers. They held the ladder so I didn't die as I climbed on the roof and loaned me all kinds of decorating tools (such as the ladder). We both lost the Christmas yard award that year but the next year we won it together! After that it was war and I won it alone for 2 years in a row. This past year I was nine months pregnant so they took the prize, but only bc I wasn't able to climb on my roof!

Over the years they have continued to loan me their ladder among many other things that went above and beyond the customary cup of sugar. I will always remember the hours we all spent on our porches just hanging out and talking about everything under the sun. I will always be grateful to these two women who befriended a clueless newlywed, new to town and taught me how to be a Griswold, tried to teach me to garden, saved my plants when I failed and made me laugh almost every day. We will miss yall but I promise to keep in touch!

Kim, Chesley, and Gina
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Mobile Love

Chesley LOVES her new mobile. I only wish the music and rotation lasted longer- she would stare at it talking and kicking for hours if it did!

Thanks David and Shannon Blanks for one of my favorite gowns- it finally fits and is precious!

Her best friends...

Had to include this picture of Miss Chesley licking her pillow during some tummy time, by the time I pick her up the thing is soaked! Not very lady like but so cute!
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Sweet Pea Chesley

I promised Aunt Linda and Dottie a picture of their Chesley in the precious onesie they gave her, and since I often call her my sweet pea too I thought I'd post the pictures- do I really need a reason to post pictures though??

Percy and his clone just hanging out.

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Friday, March 6, 2009

5 Year Anniversary

Today is our five year anniversary. I wanted to try and find a wedding pic to post but if any of you know about my nightmarish wedding album situation you will understand why I don't have one! Maybe I will find something later. Anyway, Percy and I started dating when we were 15 and 16, (do the math and it's been 13years together!), and it has been a long strange road. I am so grateful for my wonderful husband who has turned out to be a pretty fabulous daddy too. So here's a quick shout out to my husband- I love you with all my heart and look forward to the next 50!

P.S. I could go on and on but I don't want to embarass him...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Two Months!

I can't believe it but my precious little girl is two months old today! It has flown by, probably due to a combination of having fun and sleep deprivation! But we have enjoyed it-sleepy or not!

Again, I can't resist putting more than a couple of 2 month pictures up...I'll refrain from adding commentary this time.

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2 Month Check-Up

We went for Chesley's 2 month check-up today and got her shots... They were pretty awful for about one minute as she screamed like someone was after her, but she quit crying pretty quickly and has just been really sleepy all day. Thanks to Hillary and Haaga for recommending I give her Infant Tylenol before we even went to the doctor's office- I think it really helped. She has napped like a champ all day so we shall see how much sleep she gets tonight...

Here is the breakdown for those interested in such things:

Weight 10lbs-25%
Height 22 3/4 in-75%
Head Circumference 38 1/2 cm-50%
Healthy as can be and cute as a button! (that last part is my diagnosis anyway!)

The bandaids break my heart...

Little sluggish but loving her some Infant Tylenol!
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We are not letting those shots get us down, no ma'am.

Enough with the camera, woman!

The shots were no fun but I still got a some smiles outta my girl!

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Viitamin D

My dad is forever telling me that my child needs some Vitamin D from the sunlight. Well, Dad, since she was born in January sunlight is a little hard to come by- did you hear about the snow?? But we had a pretty nice day today so I took Miss Chesley outside while I threw the ball for the poor deprived dog, Weeza. And what does my child stare at the entire time she is outside on a beautiful day? The unnatural light coming from the floodlight attached to our house that was left on all day. So much for the Vitamin D...
Even after I ran around calling her name she would only glance at me, then stare back at her best friend Mr. Floodlight.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

George and Chesley Sittin' in a Tree...

Gracie and George came up to Memphis to do some shopping and came by to see us so Chesley and George could meet. It was so good to finally see Gracie again- this was the first time I had seen her since her shower since we were both massively prego for months after that. We of course had a little photo shoot...

They started out a little unsure of each other. George probably thought Chesley had cooties and she was playing hard to get, but...

They quickly warmed up to one another and before we knew it George had his arm around Chesley and they looked a little cozier than her Daddy would probably like!

Chesley didn't want to let on how much she was enjoying the attention too much so we only got a few half smiles out of her.

"MOM- leave us alone!"

When they one day end up at Mississippi State together I WILL pull these pictures out to embarass them!!
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Monday, March 2, 2009

Don't Go

I guess this picture says it all but I'll explain, Jennie and Justin are not fans of the idea of us moving. This poignant message is a perfect example of just one reason why we are sad to be moving, happy too but still sad. Who will spell out their love for me in food if I move away from Justin? Does Domino's deliver that far?
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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Making Daddy Proud

Chesley just about made her Daddy's day today when she was intently watching football.

She really was staring at the tv, whether it was the football or the bright flashing lights...only Chesley knows but Percy has decided she is in fact a future fan.

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Tummy Time

Chesley loves the activity mat at my mom's house but she was getting a little fed up with tummy time the other day and so Daddy had to do a little Baby Whispering. That's what I call it, he calls it 'having a chat'- I make fun but it works.
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Chesley's First Snow

Don't know how much we officially got but it was more than enough to head out into for a photo shoot with Miss Chesley! Chesley was really only mildly impressed with her first snow. She was perfectly outfitted thanks to Jennie (pink sack) and Mrs. Ellen (cream quilted outfit and sweater hat purchased just to wear at hunting camp when it's cold). We bundled her up head to toe but what she really needed were some 8 week old sunglasses! I can't actually say for sure that she even saw her first snow since that requires opening her eyes!

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It has snowed here every year we have lived here, another thing I will miss about Memphis!

This outfit really does fit her a lot better, I just didn't get her situated right bc she was DONE with photo shoot time! Had to take what I could get!

By the way, Chesley rolled over from her stomach to her back today. Now, I know that isn't the 'big deal rollover' from back to stomach--but-when are they supposed to start this kind of rollover and when are they supposed to start the back to tummy rollover? I asked my mom and she hadn't a clue so somebody help me out here!
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