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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Surprise Mama!

Ok, it should be noted that my very sweet husband planned a surprise birthday dinner for me at the restaurant I am a tiny bit obsessed with, Parlor Market. So, my birthday wasn't quite as bleak as the picture I painted in my last post. But I was still pregnant, so I still want a do over, I'd like to be able to toast my aging self with something other than a Diet Coke. But since Percy planned such a great night for me this year, the do over doesn't have to be quite the blow out I was planning-we might be able to cancel the live music. But there will still be a do over. Pictures of this year to follow when a friend emails them to me. Thanks again, Babe!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy 30th, Mama!

I turned 30.


So stay tuned.

Because next year there will be a do over.
(But Chesley seems to have enjoyed my birthday- it meant more singing and more cake!)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Potty training with Heels

How can I not document this moment in my child's life? She did great with potty training! The week after her 2nd birthday I got a plastic potty and put her in panties and started asking her every five minutes if she needed to go. She had some accidents but all in all it was fairly painless- and she seems to have enjoyed it! I mean, she felt like going on the potty was something one dressed up for, so in the very least she has some respect for the dress code of the potty.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy SECOND Birthday, Chesley!




We had Chesley's cousins and their respective parents over for playtime on Chesley's new playset that she got for Christmas and supper and cupcakes for her birthday. And of course her Aunt A, Aunt Woo Woo, and all the grandparents were there as well. It sounds very low key, right? But it was like a zoo! It got too dark and too cold to play outside pretty quick and then it was just three two year olds going full speed ahead inside! Chesley was in heaven! Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!

Annie getting a little snuggle from the newest James, Charlie.

William was chowing down,

too busy for pictures!

This whole everybody-singing-at-me thing is still kinda new, she's not all that sure about it.

This might be the first picture ever that I would say I kind of think she might look like me a tiny bit, and it's probably just because she looks confused, or aggravated-I'm not sure.

"So I blow them out?"

She looks a little upset that the candles went out.

And she got shy for about two seconds.

Then she got to eat her cupcake and all was well again!

Picking the right flavor is serious business, (for Tilly too!)

He's so sweet I needed a taste!

No clue what cracked her up, but she is standing in a chair over the cupcakes so maybe she thought that was so fabulous it was funny!

Her main present from her mama and daddy was a pink tricycle, Pruet thought he would give it a whirl with the birthday girl--it didn't work out well.

Pruet thinks this thing is great!

Chesley thinks Pruet needs to exit the tricycle immediately.

Oh, maybe she's ok with a tricycle built for two?

Nope, she still boots him off!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Chesley & Woo Woo!

We went out to Gammy and Pops' to celebrate Chesley and Aunt Casey, aka Woo Woo's, birthday, January 5th.

Uncle Buck had a very special present for Chesley. I was told not to freak out when I saw the shape of the gift. He did to well with her cute rain boots and rain coat for Christmas that this really blindsided me. I think that might have been the point...

Yep, he got my baby girl a gun. A pink gun, to be correct.

She looks confused but she caught on that everyone thought it was funny pretty quick!

Watch out for the glass coffee table!!

He sure looks proud of himself.

I really don't know if there are words for this picture. Every mother dreams of her little girl posing with a pink firearm on her second birthday.

Yeah Uncle Buck, thanks a lot... Mama can't wait till he has kids, oh the payback!

Chesley is showing Woo Woo one of her presents.

Time for the cakes, (we did this kind of backwards). One for them to share and one for Casey to teach Chesley how to stick her finger in the icing and lick and repeat! Oh, and the mound-o-icing cake is a Dora cake, which was about the coolest thing in the world to my little girl- Gammy knew what she was doing with that thing! As she said, "It may not be pretty but she loves it!"

Here comes another cake and she is still shoving purple frosting in her mouth!

Aunt Woo Woo helping Chesley out, as you can see by the numbers--she's had a little more practice with this birthday thing than Chesley has...

Happy Birthday Chesley and Casey!

Everybody was welcome to take a lick!

"Want s'more? Or can I finish it off?"

"Don't mind if I do."

Uh-oh, looks like she's gonna blow! (But she didn't.)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year! Go Bulldogs! Zzzz..

We went to the Gator Bowl for New Years and watched the Bulldogs beat Michigan!! But I apparently didn't take a single picture. We had a blast, I swear! But it was kind of a whirlwind trip right after Christmas, so we were beat when we got home. It was no where near naptime yet but Percy was more than ready and had already taken position, so of course Chesley had to as well. I asked her what she was doing and she said, "I take a nap like Dada."

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