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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chesley's First Easter

The Easter Bunny (Percy) stopped by Sweet Dreams on his way back from turkey hunting to make sure his girl had something sweet in her Easter basket Sunday morning. She awoke to a big white bunny from Daddy, I mean the Easter Bunny, and a pink elephant lovie from his wife. My mom got her a sweet cross necklace to commemorate the day too. We took pictures in front of the flower cross at my parents church before heading to lunch with my family first. Percy had to work so he missed out on our afternoon with his family at his grandmother Honey's but I took plenty of pictures so he could see how sweet Chesley was for his family!

"So this is all mine?"

"I think I like this Easter Bunny!"
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Rimes Dehmer and Chesley had on the same dress in pink and blue- dolls both of them!

Aunt Alex did a little babysitting at lunch.
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Chesley and her Gammy

My little doll, I am loving playing dress up with her!

Chesley decided to share her bunny ears with everyone! It's a great look for Honey!
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Percy's Aunt Kay, her daughter-in-law Jingli (who is expecting again in October!), and her18 month old little girl Mary-who is so sweet!

Mary was quite interested in Chesley and just kept pointing at her and saying, "Baby," until she decided to get down on her level and really check her out!

Future playmates!

We couldn't figure out why Mary was turning away from Chesley at first after she asked to hold her until we finally noticed that Chesley had a wad of Mary's hair in her iron grip! Sorry Mary but thanks for being such a good sport! Chesley was pretty pleased with her cousin holding her right up until I tried to take a picture.
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Napping with Daddy

Percy was worn out from turkey hunting Friday and Saturday and just had to have a nap-poor thing...Chesley was worn out from being her cute self and decided to join him. I decided to snap away while they slept. Just too sweet to pass up.

It's exhausting being this cute.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Bunny Ears!

Chesley got a very special Easter present today from her grandfather, Andy, and Julie. Julie brought over this huge basket filled with all kinds of goodies, a gorgeous flower arrangement, stuffed animals galore, a McCarty bird, handpainted wooden egg, a MSU bib, and tons more-like the bunny ears...I could have taken pictures of her wearing those things all day long they were so adorable!! And the largest, fluffiest, puppy dog stuffed animal I have ever seen! He is huge and so cute! Thanks Andy and Julie!

"All this for me??"

"So where exactly should I start...hmmm"

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"They're slipping mom...

they're down...but they are neat..."

"Oooh they're so soft!"
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He is twice the size of her!

So my positioning of my child for photography needs a little work- but I thought yall might like the action shot!

Best buds already.
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First Easter Party

Mom and Chesley and I went to Chesley's first Easter party today at Harper's moms house. the decorations were precious and the food was delicious-and Chesley loved the Easter Egg Hunt...just kidding but she did bring her own basket-because what 3 month old doesn't need their own Easter egg basket!!?? We had a blast-thanks Harper, Mrs. Robin, and Causey!!

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