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Monday, July 27, 2009

Ni-night with Gammy

Percy's mom and stepdad came over last night so Gammy could get a Chesley-fix after not seeing her for a few days. They stayed till bedtime and Gammy fed and put Chesley down for me after reading her a story and singing to her, (good thing Chesley likes her singing better than the rest of her family does...).

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Carrots and Highchairs

Harper told me a peeled, cold carrot from the fridge is a great teether for a munchkin like mine so I gave it a try the other day. She seemed to take to it at first then she decided she wanted nothing to do with holding it and would literally wipe her hands on her clothes after touching it. I started to worry I was going to have a priss pot in my hands that didn't like her hands getting dirty but today I gave her a teething biscuit in her new high chair, (after i stripped her down to her diaper and a plastic bib-hate those teething biscuits!) and she went to town with that thing! It melted all over her hands and face and belly and legs! So, apparently she has no problem with dirty hands, must have been the cold carrot.

First high chair

She looks like such a big girl I can't stand it!

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My Dad Rocks

My dad gave us this t-shirt around father's day for Chesley to show her daddy some love. I decided the perfect time had come to post a picture of her wearing it since Percy was Mr. Mom for part of this past weekend. I went to Brinkley, Arkansas with my mother-in-law, sister-in-law Casey, and cousin-in-law Dottie to help find Casey a wedding dress. We left Friday night and spent the night in Tunica where we ate a fabulous dinner and gambled a little while. I played black jack for a couple of hours and won $1! I consider that a huge win since I'm not sure I have ever left a casino up even a little bit! Anyway, we were hugely successful in finding Casey a dress that she looks incredible in and knocked out the bridesmaids dresses while we were there too. All the while Babycakes was keeping Daddy busy back home. This was the first time they have been without me overnight and it appears they can in fact live without Mama. Kinda sad but I'm pretty proud of Percy, (who did call me about 20 hours into the weekend to tell me he only thought he knew what I do all day but until then he didn't have a clue and wanted to tell me that he and Chesley say thanks!-that's my very sweet husband!) So it was time for the 'MY DAD ROCKS' t-shirt to tell Daddy thanks for passing on a couple golf games to keep the home fires burning while I played with the girls!

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Okay, now she can!

I'm not sure if you can call it 'crawling' exactly, but she can move in a forward motion. She started heading in a reverse scoot a couple weeks ago but today while I was on the phone she crawled from her play mat over to the green chair by the white column in our living room. What I mean by crawling is really more of a flinging motion. She gets up on her hands and knees and then flings herself forward landing on her belly only to lift back up and do it again. My smart little girl found away to no longer be stuck in reverse! One can hope that true crawling will come next and soon for the sake of her little belly which is taking the brunt of this type of movement!

"All this 'crawling' is wearing my out, I'm just gonna lay down for a sec Mama."

The length of her journey.
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

But she CAN'T crawl!

I left my child on her playmat in the middle of the living room for about 5 minutes today and walked back and couldn't find her, for several seconds. I looked at the ExerSaucer thinking I had forgotten that I put her in there instead of on the floor but she wasn't there- then I took another step forward into the room and saw she was hidden by the ottoman-and she was no where near where I left her! This may not sound that strange until to consider the fact that the child CANNOT CRAWL! I am sure of this, so I guess she rolled and maybe scooted her way over to the wall and then found a cell phone charger cable to play with, which was plugged into the socket-Child Services come and get me. Never occured to me to unplug a dangling cord from the wall to keep it away from my six month old who CANNOT CRAWL! So I quickly unplugged the cord then ran for my camera to capture the escape artist on film. After fully documenting this bizarre occurence I placed her back on her playmat and went to brush my teeth. When I returned she had at least stayed put but had managed to collapse the playmat arches and tangle herself up in it. Granted, the playmat arches are not difficult to collapse but never in the 4 months that I have owned the thing has she ever done this. I found it quite comical since it happend minutes after the roll-a-thon across the den. Check out the pictures below and maybe you will too!
Oh, and I forgot- she had a teething ring around her leg as she took this little journey!

That's the ottoman that hid her from me for a terrifying millisecond. It's about 8feet from starting position to where she ended up-with a big 'ol smile on her face for mama!

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Here is Miss Priss in her collapsed play mat. Can't imagine how she managed to do this!

She was trying to untangle herself from it without much success!
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Six Month Check-up Stats

Chesley's check-up went great- she was declared perfect by her pediatrician, and her mama. Her growth stats are:
Weight- 16lbs 5ozs, 58%
Height- 26in, 61%
Head Circumference-42.7cm, 58%

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Six Months!!

I can remember being 6 months pregnant and thinking, "Wow, I have been pregnant forever," little did I know that you don't know the meaning of the word forever until month 8 rolls around!-Anyway, my point is while I was waiting on the kiddo to arrive and she was busy growing and doing things to make my body rebel against me, time could not have moved slower! And now I would do just about anything to slow it down. It is just not possible that this little girl has been here 6 months! And it just is not possible that she was ever not here. Love my sweet smiling girl!

Six month check-up is tomorrow so I'll add her stats and such then. Enjoy the pics!

P.S. We went to the Point for the Fourth and I didn't take a single picture! Lots of laying around, eating, napping, and then more eating-not many photo ops! But a good time was had by all-including Babycakes who lapped up the attention of her aunts and grandparents like crazy!

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Here are just a couple cute ones from the end of the 6 month photo shoot, this is after she killed the 6 months sign...

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