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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Toddlers and Puppies, where's my camera?

In theory this sounded like a great photo op! Chesley and Pruet and a bunch of pups! Well, Pruet wasn't really a fan, Chesley wanted to love the puppies to death, the puppies wanted to nurse, and their mama wanted some alone time- I hear you Bell! My dad'd hunting lab Bell, had 11 puppies!, poor mama, and it has been an interesting summer at the Calhoon household. My mom may never forgive my dad and the carpet in her sitting room may never be the same, (Bell did pull the oriental rug back, I swear I have a picture on my cell phone of it curled up behind her). But never one to miss out on a photo op-Hillary and I gave it a try. Here's what we got...

Is she yelling at the puppy? I can't remember.

Pruet just wants to spread the love.

Chesley wants to spread the love to the puppies, in a very strong strangle hold- I think Pruet taught her that move.

Better, gentle.
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Pruet wasn't scared of them, but he wasn't sure what their next move would be-so he wasnt' really a fan.

An exersaucer is more fun!

Or better yet, ping pong and baseball!! Where they found those I have no clue, I don't think my parents have a ping pong table and I have no idea who has been playing baseball or softball since Katie and I were in seventh grade!!
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Time Bandit Mascot

Chesley has the great privilege of going out to the resevoir to spend time on Pops' boat, Time Bandit, quite a bit. She even gets to spend the night and it would appear she has become the mascot of the marina! She loves it. Here are a few pictures Gammy emailed me from her last trip out there with Daddy in tow.

Pops lets her drive and honk the horn!

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Could they look more alike?

Gotta put my shades on my head.

This boat even has puppies!!!
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Car Trip!

Chesley and I drove Pruet to meet his grandmother, Ingy, in Vicksburg so he could stay with her while his parents were out of town at a wedding. They were so cute in the car, they aren't used to having company back there! I had to take a couple pictures.

What are you doing in my domain??

How sweet.

How sweet he was trying to be, but I don't think his point quite made it through...
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July 4th, 2010

We spent the Fourth with my family at the point. Percy, (using a compresser- don't get too impressed), blew up a swimming pool so Chesley and I would have something to do while the others played golf. She got to ride the Bad Boy (aka hunting golf cart) with Daddy and go fishing-- it was a fun trip!

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She wants the hat.

She gets the hat.

But she gives kisses!
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I mean I want a picture but please don't let her touch it!

Better dad.

This is serious business.
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Who is more excited, Chesley or Daddy?

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Love dancing with Daddy! and the swimsuit doubles as a ballet tu-tu!

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Dinner with William

We had dinner with William and his mama and daddy, (who are expecting Baby Boy #2 in early December-Yay!!!), and tried to get some cute pictures of the kiddos but they were really having too much fun to cooperate. But here's what we got.

He's either in trouble or about to be.

This was a failed attempt to get them to hug, which they would do but not long enough for a picture.

I just like this one bc for once the daddies look as worn out as the mamas!!
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