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Thursday, November 12, 2009

10 Months!

Chesley was 10 months old on November 5th. She weighs 21lbs 8oz. She is standing without holding on to anything for a few seconds here and there but mostly when she has no idea she is doing it. The scond she realizes it her little tush hits the floor and she looks at me like, "What was I supposed to do next?" She has decided she is totally done with saying Mama and all she says now is Da-da-da-deeee! Which is really a shame because Daddy's not here for a while-and is missing his girl!! He's worried she may walk before he gets back but I doubt it. Just in case she decides to prove me wrong I am doing nothing to encourage her! So one day when she asks how old she was when she walked I'll tell her however old she ends up being and then I'll say, "But you might have walked sooner if I hadn't stunted your development so that your Daddy wouldn't miss out!" She's still her smiling sweet self but gaining attitude every single day! Once again the monthly photo shoot was no easy feat! Mom had to come over and then walk into the kitchen and hide then sneak up behind Chesley on the couch to hold the sign up. This only lasted till Chesley got curious about what I was looking at behind her and then it was all over! We got a couple cute ones though-enjoy!

"Wow, Mama you can flip me over and get back into camera position pretty quick! But not quick enough to catch my smile!"

"Annie, I know you're back there now. You can come out!"
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Ashley

This past weekend was Amy and William's wedding and I actually took a few pictures. I am pretty proud of myself for this so I thought I would share. I am mad at myself for not getting any pics of the beautiful bride in her gown and for not getting any of the beautiful bride singing 'Fancy' at the end of the reception--she had plenty of help during this FABULOUS rendition from every friend she had there, and it was by far the most fun thing I have ever done at a wedding! But I did get a couple of cute pictures of the happy couple on the night of the rehearsal and of Amy's precious flower girl Miss Causey, (see Harper's blog for more pictures of Causey in her wedding finery). Anyway, it was everything one can expect from a Delta wedding and I had a blast! Thanks Amy and Willie for including me in your day and congratulations!

Amy looks so sweet and normal, right?

But this is more like the Amy I know!

Willie knows that Amy too-so nobody can say he wasn't forwarned!!

Causey looks absolutely miserable here but she had just spend the last 10 minutes directing each and every one of us to sit by her on the steps. Then we decide to take a picture since we've all hauled ourselves down on the groud for Miss Priss--and she won't smile! I say all this to explain that we did not force her to sit there and take a picture with us regardless of how depressed she looks-she started it! She was a precious flower girl when she went down the aisle, and even more adorable when she told her mama, "I do it again!" and ran back down the aisle and almost out the back door to the awaiting bride and her father before her mama caught up with her! It was hilarious to everyone, (especially the bride), except her mama--I'm pretty sure she's over it by now though.
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Monday, November 9, 2009


This past weekend I was in Greenville for Amy and William's wedding (congrats!!), which was a blast-and Percy is out of town so Chesley stayed with her Gammy. I wish I had taken a picture of the worn out child I got back on Sunday afternoon. She took a 2.5 hour nap, and when I got her up I went so far as to take her temperature because she was acting so sluggish, (she has also been sick so I wasn't being a total freak). No fever-just a post Gammy crash! Friday night was spent having dinner out on Pops' boat the Time Bandit where she charmed all Pops and Gammy's boat buddies by flirting with everyone! Saturday they had breakfast with Honey, (her great-grandmother) and then went to watch Chesley's cousin Morgan, (who was my flower girl), ride in a rodeo, (where I heard she won poles but nobody gave me any more updates than that so Congrats! on the poles and someone let me know how she finished in everything else). Well, Miss Priss got to ride around with Morgan when she wasn't cheering her on in the stands. I was told she altered her favorite trick to fit the situation-she loves to throw her arms up when you say Touchdown! But she was at a rodeo so whenever they said Barrel Run! up the arms went! Her Aunt Casey was at the timing table and heard the ruckus over there. Then it was back to the Time Bandit for dinner and a sleepover. I'm still not sure how Gammy pulled it off but she managed to get her to sleep through the night in a boat bed with Gammy on the outside-better her than me! Back to dry land for a bath and breakfast then back to the boat for lunch and that's where I picked her up. She fell asleep in the car and was a sack of potatoes when I transferred her to her crib for a nice long nap. It was all she could do to stay awake to take her last bottle before bedtime! So thanks Gammy and Pops and Morgan for entertaining my girl! Next time she needs wearing out I know who to call!

Sweet sweet cousins!

Think Gammy wants a cowgirl?

Chesley and Ranch, (the dog), kicking it on the Time Bandit while Pops looks on-probably wondering how his boat got taken over by babies and pups!
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Don't do it Ranch!

But he's paying more attention to you than me, if I jump off the boat he'll have to come after me-have you seen how short my legs are??
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