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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Wednesday was Percy's 29th birthday-Happy Birthday Babe! And Chesley gave her Daddy a card. We didn't do much just went out to eat,had the early bird special so we could include the Babycakes. But I wanted to commemorate Percy's first birthday as a Daddy! Also wanted to say that I got the proofs for Chesley's four month pictures with Allison Rodgers and they were great- she did a fabulous job again! So anyone who wants to see them email me and I will send you the link.

"Like my card, Daddy? I picked it out myself you know..."


This is the newest gift that I had to take a picture of my child in, a hoodie towel- kinda hard to tell in the picture but it's a duck and it is precious- big thanks to Mark for giving it to Miss Priss- we love it!

Quack! Quack!
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Monday, June 22, 2009

JA Class of '99 10 Year Reunion

My 10 Year reunion was this past weekend and it was so much more fun than I ever thought it would be! We had some friends over to cook out Friday before everything kicked off and a bunch of people came back over afterwards as well. We all stayed up way too late playing Catch Phrase (aka the greatest game ever), and it was a blast. After sleeping late, (thanks Annie for keeping Babycakes so Mama and Daddy could act like kids!), we headed up to the school for an Ice Cream Social aka- come show off your kids- which I did and enjoyed thoroughly. Then we all met up at my house to head out to the Yacht Club for the big party. Thanks Alex (my baby sister) for driving a load of us out there- she should not be old enough to drive! The party was a blast- it really was so much more fun than I thought it would be! The scary part was that the last 30 minutes of the party every time I turned around I heard people saying, "Late night at Elizabeth and Percy's," or "Yeah, we're heading over to Elizabeth's- do you need directions?" Needless to say I was a bit worried but it worked out fine and my house survived the take over of aging Raiders fairly intact. Special thanks to Staci Tyler for doing such a great job planning the whole weekend- it was so much fun! I stole most of these pictures from Brynnen so thanks BB! She and Adam stayed with us all weekend and were great houseguests- come back anytime! Enjoy the pics of us all reliving the glory days!

Mark, Revere, Bobby, Adam, Seth, Brynnen, Me

My sweet husband who put up with us all the whole weekend and Happy First Father's Day too Babe!

Brynnen, Me, and Revere
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Brynnen and Adam- my fabulous houseguests for the weekend who cleaned up every time I turned around!

Adam and Cal deep in conversation! Just to give this picture some context let me explain that we have a good sized backyard and this table and chair grouping is set up in the far away way back corner of the yard- in the pitch black dark. Don't know what they were discussing but it looks like they were solving some serious world problems and they must have been very into it for Brynnen to catch a pic without them batting an eye!

Michael, Bobby, Seth, and Mark- they have not changed a bit!

Bobby, Bo, Majure, Jacob, Cal, Adam, and Seth trying to squeeze in because ten girls were screaming at him to "Get in the picture too Seth!"
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The King is in the Building!

The night we graduated JA kept us out all night with activity after activity and we ended up at Banner Hall for breakfast. The parents had arranged for an Elvis impersonator to come entertain us at 4:30 am. It wasn't very funny to me that night because I was fading fast and this guy sang loud but it was great when the Reunion Committee had him come back to our party Saturday night. He was a bit forceful though and for those of you who don't know- I don't dance. For the most part anyway and if I do I definitely do not want to be on display as I do it- but Elvis just wouldn't leave me alone- he made me dance with him once and sing with him once- I managed to twirl away the first time and walk away the second since he just quit singing and made me finish the song 'Ain't Nothin but a Hound Dog' all on my own into the microphone. He got me for sure. But it really was a blast!

If only Elvis knew that Mark could put him to shame in the dancing department!

This is before he just quit singing on me!

Maj was gettin down with the King!

I thought my twirl away was pretty clever!
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Ice Cream Social

Sweet Mark brought Chesley an adorable duckie hooded towel that he went into a store and bought himself- when I told him how impressed I was with this he announced that he is an old pro at this stuff since he has two nieces! Thanks Mark!

Seth was having a little trouble getting Chesley situated for the picture that I forced on him!

But once he got it Miss Chesley was all smiles for him!

She thought Uncle Seto was pretty funny!
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Chelsey and Uncle Maj

Chesley and Mary Ellen who had her smiling up a storm!

Me and Chesley and Madison holding Simmons (who won the award for youngest child of a classmate) and precious Hayes.

Taylor sitting by her mama Courtney who is holding Chesley, Summer with Mary Pyatt, Lauren with Mckenzie who is holding Hayden-whoda thunkit that we would have all these precious kiddos!?
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Odd and Ends

Here are a couple old and a couple new pictures I have been meaning to add to the blog.

Finally got a picture of one of my best friends growing up Jennifer and Chesley. Jennifer and her husband John and their little girls Cate Rivers and Sheridan (thats the doll on the right) are moving this summer so I was glad she got to meet Chesley before they left town. We're gonna miss yall!

This is Percy's Great Uncle Frank, so Chesley has a Great Great Uncle-how cool? Thanks for stopping by to visit Uncle Frank, Evelyn and Aunt Kay!!

This is Percy's step-sister Courtney and her husband Kirk and their twins Sharlee (green) and Savannah (blue). They were in town for Father's Day and finally got to meet Chesley after many failed attempts to come see us in Memphis before we moved! Their girls are adorable and both just messes- they were so sweet with Chesley and thought she was a doll-like a literal one that they wanted to take care of like their babies! Great to see yall!
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Little Cousin Playtime

My cousin Hillary (ok my cousin's wife but really that's just a pain to type and our children are related by blood so from here on out I am just going to say cousin-I'm willing to claim her), and her little boy Pruet, (born one month before Chesley), came over for a quick visit. Since Pruet and Chesley kept reaching out for each other we decided to stick them in the crib and grab the camera to see what happened. Pretty cute as it turned out. They just kept looking at each other and cooing and reaching out, my child is a grabber/pincher so I was quite pleased no brawl ensued. Pruet 'tapped' Chesley's face so sweet and gentle, (his mama was terrified he was going to be to rough with her but he was so sweet- just checking things out Mama!), it was lots of fun to watch them interact. Looking forward to years and years of this so I hope they stay this interested in each other!

"You have a mouth too, Chesley!"

"Want to smell my feet?" "I don't think so, Pruet."

"What are yall looking at? We know we're cute and all but seriously?"

"Hey, where are you going? I can roll too, just not so fast!"
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"How do you do that sitting up thing? Haven't gotten the hang of it yet myself"

Since Hillary won't get a blog it is my obligation as his Cousin/Aunt, (he is my first cousin's child so what does that make me?), to show off his preciousness on mine! He may not have stayed standing for long but he did it on his own!

Looking like his Daddy in this one, but I still think he has his mama's smile.
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Chesley and her Grandaddy

My dad came over the other night to see Chesley while Percy was working an all-nighter. Got a couple of cute pics of Chesley and her grandaddy- he is tentatively called Big Daddy because when I first found out I was pregnant he jokingly told everyone that's what he would be called. Then it stuck. His joked really backfired when the rest of the fam decided it was growing on them. He now says he wants to let her decide what she will call him but we call him Big Daddy for lack of anything better. So here are Chesley and Big Daddy just hanging out!

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Flower Girl Chesley

Congratulations or Best Wishes or whatever it is you're supposed to say- are in order for Percy's sister, Casey-she got engaged this past weekend! (note the sparkler on her finger in the first picture!) Gammy convinced the newly engaged couple to come out to her house Sunday afternoon to celebrate with the rest of the family. And I guess Casey has forgiven Chesley for hijacking her birthday (and middle name and initials) because she wants her to participate in her wedding in some way. Since Chesley will be a whopping 16 months old when Casey gets married in May we aren't really sure what her official duties or job title will be but she will be there and be cute and that's all the bride is asking for-can do! Congrats again to Casey and Buck (how fun-Chesley will really and truly have an Uncle Buck!! like the movie-that just cracks me up!) we are thrilled for yall and can't wait for May!

We came to the engagement celebration after church and Babycakes was still all dolled up in her Sunday best but Aunt Casey wanted Chesley out of that fru fru dress because it was getting in the way of her lovin' on her niece. I had brought another outfit to change her into but had to get a couple of shots of my girl in her bonnet!

Love those cheeks!

On a side note: During the engagement celebration Buck was holding Chesley for a good long while-getting used to his future duties as Uncle and Chesley decided to christen him into his new role- while in his lap she had a little diaper leak of the less favorable kind-he was a trooper about it and didn't toss her across the room or anything! Chesley says, "Welcome to the family, Uncle Buck!" ( her mama says, "I am really really sorry about that!")
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