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Friday, June 24, 2011

Baby #2 36 weeks

Since I was dressed up and had make-up on for dinner for Percy's birthday, I made him take a few belly shots. I just do not feel like these accurately represent the sheer size of my current girth. I KNOW they don't fully represent how heavy that thing is to carry around!

I will say this for a summer baby, Mama looks way better in belly pics with a tan than she did in December!!

This one was taken 3.5 weeks before Chesley was born, which is almost exactly how far away from my due date I was in the first two pictures.

Happy 31st Birthday, Daddy!

Percy's birthday was Friday and Chesley was going to spend the night with Gammy so we celebrated on Friday afternoon with cupcakes and cards and 'pwesents'!

It was all I could do to get Chesley to look at the camera instead of the cupcakes for one second for a picture, she was ready for some sugar!

Daddy's little helper ready to help blow out the candles, (might be my new favorite picture of my the two of them.)

Good job!" Now give me a cupcake, pwease!" Happy Birthday, Daddy! We love you!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Baby Sister, the Artist.

My youngest sister, Alex aka Aunt A, has been really into these programs and apps on her computer and phone that let you do fun artistic things with your pictures. These are two she sent me from pictures she took of Chesley and our Dad with her phone.

Pretty cool, right? Well, look at the drawing she did below. She took a picture of Chesley goofing off in glasses and did a pencil drawing of it, and I am impressed. Who knew my baby sister would turn into such an artiste!?

I guess it helps that she had such a cute subject to inspire her...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fat Lip

Chesley got a bit of a bo bo the other day.

I was folding laundry in one room and heard a splat in the other room.

My mom got her to admit she wasn't just sitting in Daddy's chair like she told me, she was climbing Daddy's chair... It made me weak in the knees, it swelled up, (swoll up?), to that size in less than 5 seconds as I watched. And she likes to eat ice way more than let me hold it against her freshly busted lip so that wasn't helpful. But it's been a few days now and it looks lots better, but man it hurt to look at there at first.

Now that it doesn't hurt her, it's kind of hard not to laugh when she talks to you.

Only good thing about bo bo's is when she lets me love on her.

I'm not hurting her here, I swear, I'm just kind of tilting her face forward so you can see the inside- promise!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day 2011

After breakfast in bed for Daddy, church, lunch with my parents, and nap Percy's sister and her husband and Percy's dad came over for a cookout. Percy cooked drunk chickens on his new Big Green Egg and they were delicious! I never took any pictures of Chesley and her daddy on Father's Day but we did get some of her with her Grandy.

Happy Father's Day to my daddy, Percy's daddy, and Chesley's daddy. Hope yall each had a great day! We love you so much!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Fork! Mama, a Fork!

One rainy afternoon I was at a loss as to what to do with my child for the hour and a half post-nap and pre-Daddy coming home, ( once he's home she's obsessed with him and thus his shadow- probem solved!) So I gave in to my better sense and told Chesley if she was a sweet girl and took a quick bath, we could build a fort. She still thinks it's called a fork, nothing I do can disuade her of this fact. So she was a sweet girl, we washed the grime off of her and set about building a fork. Now, my sister Katie and I are of the highest calibur fort builders. We know a lot about it, we know it takes 98% of your mother's clean and folded linens from the linen closet, (sheets, blankets, fitted sheets, quilts, beach towels, the 2% we didn't use were pillow cases,) we know that a high quality fort must be totally impenetrable by light-thus the need for so many linens, layers people layers. We know that any fort worth it's salt has a tunnel as it's entrance and that it's really sub-par if it doesn't go up onto furniture to provide your fort dwellers with a second story. We know that my four poster bed was the ideal foundation for a good fort and that there is really no reason to start building your fort until after 10pm on a Saturday night when you have Brynnen, Lacey, Kristen, Ginger, and Carolyn over to spend the night, bc it's the summer and we get to stay up as late as we want and we were playing nicely together with our friends so our parents may come in my room to tell us to keep it down and didn't we want to go to sleep already- but they weren't going to shut down our building site. Katie and I know that our friends are merely our worker bees but that we are the architects and this fort is gonna rule! But the thing we knew the most, the thing that we knew more than any other fact about fort building was this, Dierene was going to be sooo mad at us. (Dierene has worked for my mom since Katie was born and I was two, and still does- so while she may know all of our tricks, we could still get away with plenty!) She was going to come in and wake us up at the unholy summer time hour of 11:30 and yell at us to help her clean up this mess! She was going to drag us from our beds, (or pallets made inside the fort,) and spit fire at us until we were moving. She was going to make us take off all the ponytail holders, (structural supports), and help her re-fold all the linens that weren't laying on the floor or that hadn't had something spilled on it, and she was going to grumble the entire time until she finally told us to just leave and let her do it bc we were making a bigger mess of it and none of the linens we folded were going to fit back in the linen closet anyway. What Katie and I know about fort building is this: If you can take the wrath of Dierene, you can build a fort.

I totally wimped out and built a measely lean-to, not even a true fort- but then again, I am my own Dierene.

But I have no doubt that I will one day regret ever saying the word 'fort' to my child, bc sooner or later she's going to figure out it's a fort- and she's going to become a professional like her mama- and Dierene will laugh and laugh and laugh at me!

Every fort needs a guard dog, ours growing up was sweet old Cotton, but Weeza was a quick study.

While trying to take her picture in her fork, she tells me, "Mommy, you have to wear panties in my fork." Well, good to know there are some ground rules.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rock Climbing in Heels

Percy and Chesley were in the backyard grilling and playing one evening as I walked through the house. I glanced out the window and this is what I saw.

Yes, that's Chesley climbling the 'rock wall' of her playset. But what I noticed immediately that you may have to look closer for-is her footwear.

She is wearing the plastic dress up heels she got for Christmas.

She calls them her party shoes.

I guess there was a party at the top of her playset.

I guess it's really only fair to mention that I was inside bc I was trying on a new swimsuit that had just come in the mail when I saw this spectacle outside. I grabbed my camera bc how could this not me documented?? And ran (35 weeks pregnant so interpret that loosely), outside to snap a few pictures before she got down. Percy laughed a lot when he oh so cleverly told Chesley, "Chesley, tell Mama to start on the other side of the yard and run towards us in slow motion, just like Baywatch." My new swimsuit is red, but the resemblence ends there unless there was a season when one of the Baywatch Babes was knocked up that I missed. But yeah, I can only imagine the sight I made as I ran in only a solid red one piece with a 35 week belly across the yard with a big black camera in my hand. Pregnant Baywatch or Pregnant Paparazzi? Either way, this picture will be on her senior video or rehearsal dinner video or a billboard when she turns 40, and it might not be possible if I had stopped to look for a cover up instead of thinking fast and moving kind of quickly.

She kinda looks perched and ready for flight right here.

Carrie Bradshaw would be so proud.