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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Play Date

We had a blast at play group this week! Wendy Bryant suggested we bring the kids in their Halloween costumes and it was hilarious! Chesley actually stayed in her outfit, hat and all the whole time! She lost a foot a couple times but let me put them back on and went right back to playing! Quack Quack enjoy the pictures!

Herrin really wasn't as scared as he looks! But that is a big yellow duck in his face!

Once Chesley displayed interest in the flower on his hat he was much better!

This may be the only group photo I got that shows Chesley's face! Once I moved to the middle I was never low enough to get a good look under that bill!
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Simmons (lime green flower middle) really wanted to face plant off the couch-and she attempted to do so with a huge smile on her face each time! My child never looked up unless she was about to flip over and make a run for it or smile right before flailing her way off the couch! Notice that Herrin (green frog far right) never moves a muscle-oh pictures were so easy in those days! Unless you are Bailey (smaller pumpkin) and you have a Simmons blocking you from the camera!

Pruet (the larger of the two pumpkins) liked to take off his hat and throw it way more than wearing it!

Then he decided William's looked like a fun hat to remove as well!

Katherine and Kristen had the right idea holding their kids, they couldn't get away and they were safe from the antics of the others!
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Chesley is not in fact poking Bailey's eye out, she was kind of petting him-but it got a little more aggressive and if I remember correctly this was the only picture I could take because at this point I had to move her away from the sweet boy lest she 'love' him too much!

Some pictures of the cousins!

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Baby Herrin was a trouper! He made it till the very end then just pooped out on the couch where he had sat so patiently during pictures amid the wild banchees! Sweet little frog!

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Just one of the many times she tried to eat Caitlyn's tail

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State Fair 2009

Percy and I took Chesley to her first ever State Fair, not that there was much for her to do but we had to take her anyway! We ran into Hillary and Chesley and Pruet on our way in and met back up on our way out for some kiddo pictures. The carousel was one thing I figured she would enjoy, maybe? Well she loved looking around as we waited and I was holding her tight and talking to her but once that horse started moving up and down underneath her- she was not happy. She didn't mind the going in circle part, (and I swear that thing has sped up since the last time I rode it bc it about made me sick!), but she couldn't handle the ground beneath her feet, or in this case the farm animal beneath her tush moving. So I just held her and held on and prayed I wouldn't puke before it was over. Such sweet memories!

Taken before anything moved

Just starting to move

Right before it reached it's maximum speed

And look closely-she's done! She didn't cry just made fussing-I-don't-like-this-a-bit noises and I picked her up before she became that kid that hates the carousel.
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We were all screaming "Touchdown" and "Clap Clap!" to get them to do something but Chesley wasn't really into that idea.

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Yes, I fed my child vanilla ice cream and she loved it!! No cows milk before one year old blah blah-she lived and I figured a couple licks would be ok-anyway-She was in heaven!! It was pretty chilly outside but she didn't mind a bit!


"Daddy, you want some of this ice cream action? You're missing out!"
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Nine Months!

Chesley is 9 months! We went for her check-up and she is still as perfect as ever (in mama's opinion!) She is talking 90 to nothing all of the time. She does not know the meaning of the word 'still'. She is crawling everywhere at mock speed! A new trick is to crawl under things-like under the ExerSaucer, under the coffee table which has a second level so she just lays under there in between the two levels until she gets sick of it, under the dining room table and chairs, etc. She pulls up on everything including me in order to better be heard. She has a couple new tricks- clap clap is old news, the new hot ticket it "Touchdown!" and she flings her arms over her head and grins. This is in fact precious except when she does it while I am trying to feed her baby food, at which point the food goes everywhere but usually mostly on her. Fun fun. She loves looking out the front window when Daddy pulls in-she and Weeza stand there making happy noises and waging their tails. And although she doesn't seem to understand 'No no', yet she will shake her head at me as I say it to her. Oh! and she has the 2 teeth on the bottom from last month and is grwoing 2 more on top-but they aren't the middle 2 they are the next 2 (the 2 between the middle 2 and the eye teeth!)-- if they would grow a little faster she would be a vampire just in time for Halloween! Never heard of this in my life and certainly never seen it but not to worry I will take plenty of pictures when the fangs come in!! She just keeps getting cuter and cuter and faster and faster! Lord, help me when she walks!
Nine Month Stats:
Height 28 inches, 65%
Weight 20lb 6oz, 76%
Head Circumference 44.6cm 68%

Aunt Hillary aka Tilly had to help with the pics this month-thats her hand, thanks Hill!

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Meeting the Great-Grands

My mom and I drove three hours to Arkansas to let Chesley meet her great-grandmothers. My dad's mom had a ball with Miss Chesley and of course the camera made its way out. She held her and talked to her and played like the mother of four, grandmother of nine, great-grandmother of 3 that she is. At first she was letting Chesley play with a tissue she managed to grab from the box but when MawMaw had to go in after some chewed off pieces she decided to try another option-and it was a hit. MawMaw has a ton of her rings all hooked on a gold chain-not sure why but she does and she wears it everyday and when she started jingling that wad of shiny stuff in Chesley's face the child was euphoric and it bought us another 30 minutes of visiting time before Chesley was done. It was a wonderful visit and one I am very glad we were all able to make.

Tissue Tug-of-war

Oh the concentration!

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