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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dixie Nationals 2011

Percy grew up going to just about ever performance of every Dixie Nationals, every single year. So it was time to take Chesley this year. She loved it, not that this is surprising considering she also loves horses and her Gammy and Pops who took us!

Sorry Percy for putting this picture of you on here, but look at that smile- Chesley looks so cute I had to!

Much better, right?

And she's hooked!

Only picture I have of Gammy and Pops-not sure what Chesley is doing...

Loving being with her Gammy.

She was kind of in a trance once there were horses on the scene!

She just kept staring at that man's hat, I could hear the mental debate going on in her head about whether or not she should touch it...

She was so close to touching it, but I had to get a picture of her doing it before I went back into mom-mode and told her no ma'am!

Chesley does love her Uncle Dub!

She was cheering for someone here, probably the horses.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Children's Museum

Chesley and I went with a couple friends from playgroup one day to the Children's Museum. It was everything we had heard it was and more!

She was much happier than this picture would lead you to believe, I promise!

She and Cash were cooking up a storm!

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Well, they almost fit.

Here's a shout out to our Belzoni friends in the Catfish capitol of the World!

I couldn't get her to stop eating the fake produce! Even Cash looks grossed out by it!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Painting with Annie

My mom used to oil paint a lot and was really good. So I guess that's why she feels the need to nurture Chesley's creative leanings, and not restrain her with any rules like 'keep the paint on the paper'.

Chesley's creative talents are thriving under Annie's direction, and I bought an extra toothbrush to scrub under her fingernails and behind her ear (??)

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