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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Aunt BB, Bachelorettes, Sterile Gloves & More!

Aunt BB came by to meet Anders as soon as she got in town from Oxford. She was headed out the next day to go to Revere's bachelorette party. Brynnen is her maid of honor and I am her matron of honor. The matron of honor didn't quite make it to the big beach weekend! But I insisted on them sending me lots of pictures- which they did and which made for some interesting emails to keep me awake during middle of the night feedings...

Anders loves her Aunt BB already!

Ok a little backstory- the night I had Chesley and still couldn't get out of the bed- she pooped. Percy had never changed a diaper before so I called the nurses station to ask for a little assistance. After they finished laughing, they sent someone. She wasn't all that funny and was all business. She washed her hands, made Percy do the same. Put on sterile gloves, made Percy do the same. Then changed the diaper without really giving Percy a chance to help or even try. We didn't care- I was busy snapping pictures of Percy all 'gloved up' and with nothing to do! (Since he's changed a million since then- it's especially funny to think back to when he was a diaper novice!) Current day- Sweet Kate brought us some cupcakes to the hospital and at one point I asked Percy to bring me a chocolate one. I was busy chatting away with Brynnen and didn't notice until he brought it to me that he had 'gloved up' and grabbed a sterile paper cloth to carry the offensive chocolate cupcake in. Oh yeah- Percy HATES chocolate, which is so weird- but I put up with it since he can be pretty funny sometimes!
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