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Monday, August 8, 2011


This probably won't come as a surprise to anyone else with more than one child, but it did catch me off guard. I have been beboping along this whole pregnancy planning big girl room bedding and baby nursery colors, cleaning out car seats and making doctor appointments. I talked to Chesley all the time about her new baby brother or sister. She sang songs to the baby and prayed for the baby every night. So I was shocked when all it took was moving Chesley upstairs to her new big girl room (but still in her crib- she's happy in it and I'm thrilled she's happy in it- the longer she will gladly remain trapped the better!), to set off the biggest wave of guilt I've ever experienced. Percy and I both got pretty torn up about her moving out of her baby room and upstairs. And it was like I all of the sudden realized how much we were about to rock her world! The sensible part of me knew that the baby would only add to all of our lives and that giving Chesley a sibling was a wonderful gift. But everything in her life is all about her and that was about to change and I honestly just felt really bad about it! Thankfully, Chesley has been nothing but thrilled with her new sister and hasn't shown any jealousy- so far. She wants to love on Anders all of the time and asks to see her the second I go to get her up from her nap and in the morning. Mama isn't feeling quite so guilty anymore-just blessed.

The Big Sister.

As Percy brought her into the room there were 12 people staring at her with big goofy grins on their faces.

I think she was a little bit in shock!

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